Confidence Hour Event Hits Big With Lean In Women

“Confidence is the purity of action produced by a mind free of doubt”

from The Confidence Code by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman

Last year, we asked our Lean In Los Angeles (LILA) chapter members: “What are the three BIGGEST challenges in your life?” At the top of the results was confidence. 41% of you struggled with confidence and research shows that lacking it can be costly. When you’re low in confidence it affects your behavior: you dwell on failure, you hesitate, and you opt yourself out.

“Women applied for a promotion only when they met 100 percent of the qualifications. Men applied when they met 50 percent." - Kay & Shipman

To explore this key issue in our community, LILA held a “Confidence Hour” at the Hourglass Cosmetics Abbot Kinney store on Monday. Here are three takeaways from our conversations that evening on building true confidence:

1. Do a Visual Edit

When your confidence is high, it’s evident . You speak clearly and often, you use a lower vocal tone, and your body language is relaxed. This signaling is also expressed in how we present ourselves. For many people, makeup is a powerful tool for this. After her one-on-one with an Hourglass artist, Lily S. said she felt more ready for an upcoming job interview. When asked why, she explained that looking more poised fed into how she saw herself to be: a strong and competent professional. Try this for yourself by first describing the occasion you’re preparing for and the qualities you want to express. Then, do a visual edit of yourself so you embody those qualities. Expressing who you are using appropriate fashion and makeup can help you communicate who you are directly, quickly, and with as little static as possible.


Masterclass by Laura Janes, Hourglass Vice President of Global Artistry and Training.

2. The Five Second Rule

When faced with a decision, count to five, call what you’re going to do, and immediately do it. Luann C. shared this tip as something that’s helping her move to another career that had a better work/life balance so she could spend more time with her son. Practicing this “Five Second Rule” will help build your sense of self-efficacy. The more tasks you accomplish, the more you’re practicing your belief in your abilities and that you can successfully accomplish your goals.

Lorena and Ramie with the amazing goodie bags from Hourglass Cosmetics!

3. Build Your Support System

There’s a lot of risks when we’re striving for something big. Failures will happen. To properly nurture your ambitions and build your grit, you will need to practice self-compassion. But practicing self-compassion can be challenging. To fight back against the negative self-talk that we all subject ourselves to, find yourself a kind and supportive network. Here’s how you can connect with other ambitious women in the LILA community:

  • Lean In Circles

  • These are small groups that meet regularly

  • Find your circle here

  • Connections Dinner Series

  • Our first Connections dinner will be July 19 in Venice

  • RSVP here

Thank you Hourglass Cosmetics and Bruce Tea for supporting our Confidence Hour!

Attendee comments on the best part of the event:

  • “I loved the professionalism of our host: everyone associated with the event was warm, thoughtful, gracious, answered my every question.... and I learned about things I never even knew existed!”

  • “The Master Class”

  • “I was impressed by the woman leading the masterclass. Her presentation skills were impeccable.”

  • “Meeting other great women”

  • “Loved the touch-ups and the goodie bags!!”

Bruce Tea and our raffle prize, The Confidence Code

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