LILA Day of Service at Downtown Women's Center

LA's housing crisis has affected women disproportionately. Since 2016, the number of women who are homeless in LA jumped +16% from 15,431 to 17,822 (link). In Skid Row, many women who are homeless or struggling with poverty go to Downtown Women's Center for immediate and long term support and resources.

Many of DWC’s programs rely heavily on donations, volunteers, and community advocacy. To help them with their mission, Lean In members volunteered at DWC on Saturday (July 22). They sorted donations at the center by gathering all the newly-delivered clothing and putting them into bags to be shipped off to the DWC resale boutique. DWC’s Inventory and Donations Associate, Andy Motz, also apprised our members of their programs and the urgent need for LA to address homelessness and the housing crisis.

We're thankful for all the work that DWC does to break the cycle of homelessness for women in our city. Thank you to DWC for enabling us to spend a day supporting them and sharing their work with us.

If you'd like to join us at our next Day of Service, please email us:

Interested in supporting DWC’s mission to end homeless? Here are ways you can help:

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