Passions and Sidehustles Happy Hour

If there’s one thing that connects everyone at LILA, it’s that we’re driven to explore everything that life has to offer. So as part of LILA’s #talkaboutit series, we met up to talk about the passions that drive us at The Blending Lab on July 26.

Many thanks to the owners, Michael, Magdalena, and Chris for showing us how to mix our own unique wine blends! It was a fun tutorial and really got the conversation flowing. We also played a Passions & Side-Hustles bingo game while tasting wine by the glass.

Passions & Sidehustles bingo winner with her prize pack of CD and vinyl records!

Many of us connected over being in a phase of discovery. Some of us are even looking to transition to careers that align with our values and life goals. People’s interests ran the gamut from entrepreneurship, to a love of the outdoors, to martial arts, and many more.

Overall, it seems that we were all exploring these three questions:

  1. What do I love?

  2. How can I practice and incorporate this passion into my life?

  3. What passion can I devote myself to that I have the greatest chance to fulfill or succeed at?

Have you delved into these questions yourself? Let us know in the comments!

If you’d like to meet other women in Los Angeles who can support you in your journey as you figure out the answers to these questions, you can:

Thank you to our wonderfully talented event manager, Rachel Busic (@rachelbusic), for putting together this wonderful chapter event!

Attendee Comments on the best part of the event:

  • Meeting new people

  • My favorite part of the event was truly getting to know all the ladies and what they do outside of work! It was so inspiring to hear about everything that women are getting involved in whether its muy thai, krav maga, starting their own businesses, or enjoying the outdoors.

  • It was awesome making connections with such interesting people.I think the venue was a great choice, and I loved the ice breaker game--it authentically started conversations without being awkward or forced!

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