Circle Spotlight: DTLA Circle's 1st Meeting

"I'm looking for a trustfall...people who’ll be there to support me as I'm working towards a new career"

- DTLA Circle member

We all need someone with whom we can celebrate our wins, vent our frustrations, and gain confidence from their support. But as our lives move forward, (we change careers, we change cities, we change), these bonds can weaken or break.

The importance of peer support and our need for it are a big points of discussion at Lean In events. This need is magnified in a city like LA where many people are in transition and are navigating the city's sprawl of opportunities and challenges.

To help our ambitious members find their own support system, Lean In facilitates in-person connections through our Circle Program.

What does a Circle look like?

One of our LILA Circles had their first meeting this Wednesday. Ramie Milo, DTLA Circle founder/moderator and LILA board member, welcomed six women to her beautiful home for an energizing evening of goal sharing, laying down their Circle's foundations, and learning how to support each other. Over pizza and vegan cookies, they shared why they decided to join and what they hoped their fellow members could help them accomplish within the coming year.

Circle Fundamentals

The core fundamentals of all Lean In Circles are confidentiality, communication, and commitment. Building off from these fundamentals, DTLA Circle determined how their circle would run, from how often and where they would meet, to how they would share logistical responsibilities such as potlucks and pooling money for dinner.

Group Goals

Ramie asked each member to write down their goals on post-it notes. DTLA Circle then set their common goals by grouping their post-it notes under common themes. Setting common goals for the group was important so that they could focus on topics that matter to each member and so that they could grow together.

Group Goals

Many congratulations to the awesome DTLA Circle for completing their first meeting! They did a great job articulating their group's purpose and leaning in to their own individual needs!

If you or someone you know would benefit from the support of other motivated women in LA, learn more about joining the Los Angeles chapter by visiting:

Lean In - Los Angeles Chapter

You can also read more about LILA's Circles here.


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