Women In the Workplace: LA Edition

The largest study of women's labor to date has troubling results on gender equality at work. After surveying 12 million people at 222 companies, Lean In's Women In Workplace study found that women's labor aren't adequately represented and valued.

Key findings:

  • The bar for gender equality is too low

  • Women hit the glass ceiling early

  • Men are more likely to say they get what they want without having to ask

  • Women get less of the support that advances careers

  • Women are less optimistic they can reach the top

  • Men are less committed to gender diversity efforts

  • Many women still work a double shift

What's our experience in LA?

This July, we asked you what your experience was with negotiating your salary. Out of the 83 members who responded, more than half of them said that their salary history has held them back from being paid what they're worth.

This is what the struggle of fighting for our worth looked like:

A Community You Can Lean On

We share this info not so our members lose hope. We share this so that our members understand that we have a community here in LA of brave women who share the same drive to grow and flourish. These responses come from LILA members who work in many different industries including aerospace, media, healthcare, finance, non-profit, and research. No matter what industry you're in, you have a community you can turn to who can relate with your fight to get adequately compensated for your work.

Advocate for Your Labor

If you want to advocate for your labor, there are women in our community who succeeded through negotiating. These women learned some tough lessons about the need to negotiate for fair pay:

Take Ownership Of Your Support System

We hope this inspires you to advance your goals by turning to the positive and supportive people in your network. Here are ways that you can name and reach out to your allies, peer mentors, and sponsors.

#WageGap #EqualPayCampaign

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