The LILA Women Who Lead

Last Sunday we had our first training session with our new Lean In Circle Moderators. There were nine ladies, ages between 23-53. These ladies were movers and shakers in industries that included: entertainment, technology, engineering, business management, social media marketing, management, and others.

Lean in Circles are groups of 8-10 women who meet monthly to co=mentor each other.

In addition to learning more about the core fundamentals of Lean in Circles: Confidentiality, Communication and Commitment, we all participated in a Peer Support Power Hour. This fun exercise was a way for each one of us to identify our strong characteristic traits that we can use to get us through challenging situations.

We look forward to matching our new Circle Moderators with circle members who share common interests and live/work in proximate areas.

Interested in joining a circle? Learn more here.

Want to develop your leadership skills as a LILA volunteer? Email

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