Finding Our Tribe

Having a support network is key to accomplishing our goals, no matter where we are in life. At the Find Your Tribe workshop on 10/28, we connected people based on their interests into small peer-support groups and practiced appreciative inquiry together to improve our problem solving skills. Recent grads to experienced professionals from various industries attended (engineering, tech, entertainment, marketing, HR, education, non-profit, health care, and construction).

LILA leaders, Kate Blaes and Krystal Flores, share their experience below:

What were the important takeaways for you and others?

Kate: Circles are the backbone of Lean In. They are the essential way for Lean In members to connect with other members and engage with a strong network of people that are committed to self empowerment and growth.

Krystal: It didn’t matter if you were a recent grad looking to bond more with coworkers or a Director looking to provide better ways to enhance the education of your team members, everyone learned better ways of dealing with challenges.

How did it go with people getting matched in small circles?

Kate: We matched people who completed the survey based on the biggest challenge they are facing. The survey results showed that the most common challenges faced by the attendees who completed it were finding a new job/transitioning to a new job, finding a community, finances, and growing/developing a startup founded by the attendee.

Any other interesting details?

Kate: We collected a fair amount of donations for the Downtown Women’s Center! Two large bags filled with clothing. I’ll be dropping that off at the Center next week most likely.

Event Feedback:

  • “I enjoyed the circle time where we actually went through our challenges and discussed approaches to the problems.”

  • “Each woman had her own unique story and was able to share it in a vulnerable way. I liked the structure to the events and speaking sections.”

  • “I enjoyed meeting so many interesting, passionate women - everyone was very open and welcoming. I also really enjoyed the breakout, smaller session.”

  • “I enjoyed meeting women in the area as well as participating in my first circle.”

  • “Build your own door, then knock on it”.”

  • “I sent 300 LinkedIn emails. ONE person got back to me. I am now in LA.”

Thank you to our sponsors for supporting our chapter event!


CAVA Pure Luxe Medical


InkWELL Press

Lashed by Leika Harper Wilde

Photography Credit: Peter Nguyen

Parisa Loftis


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