Lean In LA x Women's March Meet-up

This Saturday, we joined the 600K+ protestors at Pershing Square for the Women's March. It was an uplifting day to remind us of power in unity, to strengthen our resolve to fight for equality, and to protest the failures that endanger the future of our country and its people.

Downtown LA became our space to celebrate the rights and the progress we enjoy due to the sacrifices of many. This event also reminded us to commit ourselves to the work

that remains. We are motivated to organize together with clear goals and objectives to ensure that we participate as voters and representatives in local, state, and national elections. We also commit to taking full ownership of our civic responsibilities, and make sure that our country lifts everyone up equally.

If you're looking for allies in LA or would like to contribute to the empowerment of women of all races, ages, religions, creeds, and backgrounds, please connect with us at hello@leaninlosangeles.org.

#ChapterEventRecap #WomensMarch #feminism

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