Recognizing Burnout

We've all got a lot on our plates. Careers, families, relationships, bills, and saving our democracy readily eat up our time and energy. At a certain point though, our grasp on these important things seem to dull. Our priorities seem to slip from our hands, but the motivation isn't there to save them. For some reason, we stop trying and we find ourselves lost and burnt out.

Burnout isn't just in your head, and it's important to recognize it so that you can address it directly. It may look like:

1. You lose your sense of enjoyment or pleasure

2. Your sense of necessity is impaired

3. You interact with others in a toxic way

4. You lose gratitude for your hard fought wins or unmerited grace

5. You need more coffee or sleep but it only patches up your physical tiredness

6. You feel an overwhelming sense of spiritual tiredness.

7. You begin losing sight of the future

8. You doubt yourself more and more

9. You become overly critical

10. You feel restless despite feeling like your energy's depleted

If a majority of this list applies and sticks with you over a long period of time, you may be burnt out. Finding your old self, the one who was excited to pursue her ambitions, will need to be prioritized.

If you'd like to find other women in LA who can support you as you rebuild your motivation and sense of purpose, reach out to us at:

To help support our community of ambitious women, we coming together for a one-day workshop on Saturday 2/03 how to prioritize self-care. It's open to members and the general public.

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